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(Removing the blue-gray color remains of microblading using the PigmentOff remover)

(Removing a white color eyeliner with the PigmentOff remover)

(Removing a decorative line using the PigmentOff remover)

(Removing microblading with the PigmentOff remover)

PigmentOff Remover is an innovative German product for the removal of permanent makeup, microblading method and tattoos without the use of a  laser. It is extremely strong and effective.

It is a process extrusion and removal of pigments on the skin surface. PigmentOff is an alkaline product, not an acid product. It consists of, among others from witch hazel extract, aloe vera, Asian asiatica and inorganic oxide compounds that are able to bind to the pigment. It also contains minerals that soothe irritation and ensure a safe healing process. It is a product that does not stay in the skin, thanks to which the healing process is not disturbed. The PigmentOff pigment removal is done using a permanent make-up device.

PigmentOff Remover is registered in the European CPNP under number 2587698. Its ingredients are safe, harmless and approved throughout Europe. The product has all the necessary certificates confirming its effectiveness and 100% safe.

I am an authorized, licensed representative of the "PigmentOff Remover"

PigmentOff Remover