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♦ allergy to any of the ingredients of the preparations used

♦wounds, abrasions, cuts and cracks in the skin around the brow bone

♦dry or temporarily dry skin

♦acute acne with open lesions in the eyebrow area

♦atopic dermatitis (AD)

♦exfoliating treatments with the use of acids within 2 weeks before the procedure

♦the use of retinol, its derivatives and treatments with their use within a month before the procedure

What is the treatment about?

The hair scales are opened with a preparation for this intended. Then, a strongly regenerating activator is applied, containing keratin and plant extracts. It has an occlusive effect, replenishes the binder between the cuticles, improves the condition and elasticity of the hair.

Eyebrow lamination is a deeply nourishing and temporary eyebrow styling treatment.It allows for a semi-permanent change in the arrangement of eyebrow hairs as well as their thickening and thickening.If you don't have perfect eyebrows and your hair is unruly or growing irregularly - eyebrow lamination is the perfect solution.The lamination treatment can be combined with coloring and regulation, thanks to which we obtain a comprehensive eyebrow metamorphosis!

Eyebrows lamination

Recommendations after lamination 

After the lamination procedure, the eyebrows should not be touched or soaked for about 24 hours.
They can also be combed with a special brush and fixed with a special gel. At night, you can use castor oil, black cumin oil or usma oil, which are dedicated to eyebrow care after various treatments.
How long does the lamination effect last?

From 1 to 1.5 months, but it all depends on the natural eyebrows and their life cycle.

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