The frequency and duration of the procedure

The frequency of skin cleansing treatments is selected individually for a given type of skin and related problems. As a rule, facial cleansing should be performed every three months, and in the case of extremely oily or acne-prone facial skin, it is recommended to perform the treatment every four weeks. If the skin is extremely contaminated and it was not possible to clean it during one visit, it is recommended to cleanse the skin two weeks after the treatment.

The duration of the procedure is approximately two hours, depending on the area of the treatment area.

The prerequisite for the proper functioning of the facial skin is its thorough cleansing in conditions adapted to this.

Manual cleansing is a procedure that consists in manually cleansing the skin of changes in the form of blackheads (open and closed), milia, lumps, unblocking skin pores from excess sebum and refreshing the skin. Manual cleansing gives immediate results. The skin is cleansed and radiant, with a healthier color. After manual cleansing, the skin absorbs the active substances from cosmetic preparations better, so it is advisable to precede manual cleansing with other series of treatments.

Facial cleansing


♦ excessive oily skin

♦ acne, open and closed blackheads

♦ milks, blackheads, pimples of various grounds

♦ skin contaminated and gray

♦ dry, flaky skin

♦ uneven skin tone


♦ open wounds or skin lesions at the treatment site

♦ viral diseases (e.g. herpes), bacterial and fungal diseases of the skin

♦ tendency to develop keloids

♦ inflamed acne or rosacea

♦ very sensitive skin

♦ pregnancy and breastfeeding

♦ tumors

♦ fresh tan

♦ allergy to galvanic current, ozone

♦ treatment with exfoliating preparations

♦ peridental purulent conditions and tooth extraction

♦ metal implants

♦ pacemaker

♦ neurosis

♦ bleeding tendency


♦ visible reduction of wrinkles

♦ skin thickening and increased elasticity and elasticity

♦ natural stimulation of collagen production

♦ reduction of pores in the skin

♦ significant reduction of acne scars

♦ reduction of postoperative scars

♦ face refreshment, the skin becomes delicate and soft to the touch

♦ clean skin without blackheads and pustules

♦ cleaned pores

♦ dead skin layer removed

♦ unblocked sebaceous glands

♦ restoration of the proper PH of the skin

♦ limiting the secretion of sebum

♦ regulation of the keratinization process

♦ stabilization of the natural bacterial flora

♦ relieved skin inflammation

Impurities to which our skin is exposed daily harm it, which makes it rough, dry, dull and irritated and ages faster. In addition, genetic conditions and an inadequate diet can affect the appearance of the skin. All these factors cause loss of glow, uneven color, blemishes, acne and premature aging.

Recommendations after surgery.

For the first 24 hours after the treatment, the face should be washed only with water. It is not recommended to use mechanical or chemical peels or treatments that exfoliate the skin. It is best not to use cosmetics with retinol or acids after the treatment.

How long does the effect last?

The difference is visible after the first BB Glow, while the best results will be achieved after a series of 4 treatments every 2-3 weeks. Much depends on the individual characteristics of our skin.

How should you prepare for the treatment?

If your skin is contaminated, it is advisable to first perform a skin cleansing treatment. If, on the other hand, the skin is peeling and dehydrated, appropriate treatments such as peeling or a moisturizing mask should be used to improve the condition of the skin.

BB Glow


♦ the treatment should not be performed by pregnant and breastfeeding women

♦ it is not a procedure for people with infectious diseases, blood coagulation disorders or epilepsy

♦ it is also not recommended for people with active acne or a tendency to scarring.

What is the treatment?

The treatment begins with a chemical peeling to exfoliate dead epidermis and cleanse the skin. Then the contents of the ampoule are put on the skin and pressed with the Dermapen device to a depth not exceeding 1 mm. The procedure is completely painless. The needles that force the pigment into the skin do not even pass into the dermis.

With the help of the Dermapen device, hyaluronic acid with vitamins is injected into the skin, which fills and reduces wrinkles.In the next step, pigment particles are introduced along with a reflective highlighter.After the first treatment, sun discoloration, caused by acne or photoaging, significantly reduces their surface area. 

This treatment is also great for mature skin and oily skin.

What is the treatment?

The micropuncture technique consists in piercing the skin in the right places and at the right angle.The vibrations that propagate in the tissues and the puncture accompanied by inflammation start the repair process in the skin.

After the punctures are made, the GEN FACTOR preparation dedicated to the given skin problem is applied to the treatment site in order to achieve the best possible effect.

GEN FACTOR is a bioactive gel - designed to rebuild and regenerate the skin. It is a real revolution in rejuvenation. It stimulates the creation and growth of new cells and tissues.

GEN FACTOR causes the skin to develop new collagen fibers and tissue matrix. Already after the first treatment, the skin thickens by 20% and visible reconstruction.


Micropuncture is the most modern and effective method of treating skin problems in the world. It causes a spectacular improvement in skin imperfections such as: scars (acne scars, stretch marks, keloids), discoloration, wrinkles or furrows and skin sagging.

Recommendations after the procedure

The main purpose of microneedle mesotherapy is deep reconstruction of the skin, therefore it is recommended to drink a large amount of water a few days after the procedure. Do not use any type of foundation and face powder for 24 hours after the procedure, and most importantly, you should use cream that rebuilds the complexion, because the skin absorbs after the treatment like a sponge vitamins and nutrients. The best results are obtained using a series of 4 treatments, every 3 - 4 weeks.

How the procedure works

Before the procedure the skin is anaesthetized with anesthetic cream and it takes about 30 minutes. The treatment itself lasts depending on the area from 30 to 60 minutes. Each time a micro needle mesotherapy is performed using a sterile, disposable head with 12, 24 or 36 very thin needles made of surgical steel.

Mode of action

The depth at which the skin is punctured is regulated by the person performing the treatment depending on the area and indications. You can set a depth of 0.5 millimeters for the delicate skin area, for example under the eyes, you can also precisely puncture the skin to a depth of 0.5 millimeters in the areas of scars . The depth of punctures allows to precisely determine which layer of skin we undergo therapy.

In a second, it can be up to 1000 microns, which create millions of micro-holes in the skin, allowing the absorption of active substances deep into the skin.

Face massage and care


♦ pathologically changed skin

♦ rupture of tissue continuity at the site of surgery

♦ microtrauma

♦ facial surgery (up to 2 months)

♦ bacterial and viral infections

♦ skin diseases

♦ skin infections

♦ feverish conditions

♦ infectious diseases

♦ tooth extraction (up to 7 days)

What is the treatment?

Oxygenated, radiant, nourished and moisturized skin. Relaxed and strengthened muscles. Improved blood and lymph circulation. Stress and anxiety symptoms are eliminated. The treatment is followed by complete relaxation - the muscle tension, headache and neck stiffness are removed. The nerve endings are soothed and regenerated. The skin becomes firmer and smoothed wrinkles become less visible. Increasing the elasticity of the skin and muscles helps to prevent the formation of new wrinkles. Unnecessary waste products are removed faster. Thanks to the improvement of venous, arterial and lymphatic circulation, the skin is oxygenated.

This treatment is intended for people with gray, tired, poorly nourished, flabby, hypoxic skin, lacking elasticity, firmness and radiance. Especially recommended for people living in constant stress and exhaustion. It is also recommended prophylactically for people who want to enjoy the youth of their skin as long as possible.

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♦ pregnancy and breastfeeding period

♦ inflammation of the skin and general

♦ active cold sores

♦ problem with skin healing, scarring

♦ hypertension, diabetes

♦ heavily tanned skin in the treated area

♦ blood thinners

♦ autoimmune diseases

♦ active oncological states

Effects after micropuncture.

♦ elimination of wrinkles

♦ reduction of cellulite, scars, stretch marks

♦ elimination of skin lesions

♦ stimulating the skin to produce collagen and elastin

♦ skin revitalization

♦ stimulating the skin to regenerate

The frequency and number of treatments.

The procedure should be performed at intervals of 3-6 weeks, in some cases the procedure can be performed after 8 weeks. The number of treatments is adjusted individually to each client, as it depends on many factors, such as: the treated area, the type of problem, and the healing and regeneration process of the skin.

Care after micropuncture treatment.

Care has a great influence on the final result of the therapy.It is recommended to use sunscreen (12 hours after the treatment for at least 30 days after the treatment), avoid swimming pools, saunas (for at least 14 days after the treatment), absolute prohibition of sunbathing and using the solarium (for at least 30 days after the treatment) ), maintaining special hygiene of the treatment site, using cosmetics that moisturize or regenerate the skin after the treatment.


♦ improving the quality of flabby skin and loss of elasticity

♦ shallow face, neck and cleavage

♦ skin revitalization

♦ moisturizing and nourishing the skin

♦ improvement of the color

♦ reduction of skin porosity

♦ stretch marks in all areas of the body

♦ acne scars

♦ burn scars

♦ postoperative scars

♦ hypertrophic and keloid scars

♦ hair loss and alopecia


♦ skin cancer

♦ pregnancy

♦ local inflammation of the skin (viral and bacterial)

♦ herpes

♦ active acne with inflammatory changes

♦ incomplete wounds

♦ fever

Mechanism of action in the skin

♦ stimulation of collagen and elastin production

♦ stimulation of fibroblasts by the action of platelet-derived growth factors

♦ improvement of skin density and elasticity

♦ micro-punctures in the skin stimulate natural skin renewal and tissue remodeling induction


♦ visible shallow wrinkles

♦ thickening of the skin and increase of elasticity and elasticity

♦ natural stimulation of collagen production

♦ reducing the pores in the skin

♦ significant reduction of acne scars

♦ reduction of postoperative scars

♦ minimizing chloasma spots

Micro needle mesotherapy - Dermapen

Mesotherapy is a method that involves the intradermal administration of active substances deep into the skin.

Mesotherapy is the newest form of mesotherapy using a device called Dermapen. The machine is finished with very thin needles and depending on the skin type, the amount is selected individually. The device performs thousands of micro punctures in a controlled manner and on such prepared skin is applied preparation that penetrates the skin and thus stimulates the skin to renew fibroblasts, cells responsible for the formation of collagen and elastin. Due to the fact that there is such a large number of punctures, the treatment causes a very strong concentration of the skin from the inside.

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