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Permanent Make Up

You  are still hesitating and it is still difficult for you to make a decision about making a permanent make-up? I invite you for a free initial consultation, where we will discuss the details of the procedure step by step. With the initial make-up drawing, you can see how you look and how you'd look yourself. You will find out how important for beauty is the correct and regular line of eyebrows and how much your eyes will gain. And then you can make an informed decision. I cordially invite you to an introductory visit, which costs nothing and on which you'll learn everything.

Before the treatment

It is best not to depilate eyebrows for about 1 month before the procedure. It gives the possibility of perfect selection of the shape of pigmentation to the natural line of eyebrow hairs. You should also take care of your skin and your eyebrows. If it is too dry, it should be moistened, on a thickened and matte peeling and put on a mask or ampoule, clean the skin if too oily. As a result, the eyebrows are more expressive and keep their color longer. Because there are also contraindications, a health questionnaire should be completed before the procedure.


 Permanent makeup of the eyebrows consists in introducing the pigment into the skin using disposable, sterile needles. Depending on the type of skin and the distribution of blood vessels in the face area, the permanent makeup treatment is considered rather painless.

After treatment

Immediately after the treatment, the color is quite intense, even in the case of delicate makeup. Do not worry about it, because within 4 - 7 days the color will fade to 50%. With obligatory correction (minimum 6 weeks from the first treatment) the effect is corrected and amplified. You can then change the shape or color gently. Eyebrows after the treatment we cherish with panthenol cream, which regenerates the epidermis.

Permanent makeup allows you to darken the natural shade of your eyebrows, give the right shape, which is especially helpful with eyebrows asymmetry, create beautiful eyebrows after chemotherapy, optically raise eyelids and "open your eye". The treatment is also recommended for active people, practicing sports and using a swimming pool where without make-up they can look beautiful and feel confident.

Love your eyebrows ...

If you came to my site, it may mean that you are considering the decision to embellish your eyebrows with permanent make-up. Permanent makeup is a great way to improve beauty every day. It replaces colored cosmetics and saves a lot of time every day creating eyebrows. It looks very natural and subtle, which allows a woman to feel comfortable and beautiful in every situation. It is a great investment that returns very quickly.